Selling & Mailing Info

Selling your diabetic test strips is easy! Follow this guide and email us at with any questions.

    1. Inspect your boxes of test strips. Note the brand and expiration date and make certain they are factory sealed. If there is a pharmacy label attached, please leave it on, as attempts to remove it can cause damage to the box; we will remove it after it has arrived. If you wish, you can use a soft-tipped pen like a Magic Marker or Sharpie to cover up any personal information. Please do not use a ball point pen, as this can damage the box!
    2. Fill out our Instant Quote form. You will immediately receive an email with your quote. (If you don’t have an email address, please call us!)
    3. Package the strips securely in a box (not an envelope!).
    4. Be sure to include the payment form in your box, so we know how you want to be paid! If you don’t have a printer, please write this information on a piece of paper.
    5. Once you receive your pre-paid shipping label, affix it to your box and either drop it off at the Post Office or leave it for your mail carrier to pick up.


If you don’t have a pre-paid mailing label, simply address your box as follows:

Sell Your Test Strips
2 Shady Creek Lane
Leicester, NC 28748

Click here to print out a payment form to include with your package!
We will use this to determine your preferred method of payment.


Having your shipping pre-paid is the quickest and handiest way to send us your glucose test strips! But if you’d rather we reimburse you for the shipping costs, we can do that as well. Below is important information about our shipping reimbursement guidelines.

To make sure you aren’t spending money that you don’t need to, please be aware of the following:

  • If you choose to use Priority Mail or Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes provided by the Post Office, please be aware that while the box is “free,” the services attached to it are not. We do not reimburse for this extra cost.
  • We do not reimburse for optional extras like Insurance, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, or shipping supplies.
  • We do not reimburse the extra fees for using a franchise mail shipping service – these services charge more than regular Post Office fees, as that is how they make their money.  With a pre-paid shipping label you don’t need to go to the Post Office at all; you may leave your package out for your mail carrier to pick up.  If you DO prefer to go to the Post Office, you don’t need to wait in line – simply drop your package in the bin or leave it on the counter – the Post Office staff will make sure it gets to the right place!
  • We create our pre-paid shipping labels based on the weight of the number of boxes you were quoted on. If you send more boxes than you were originally quoted on, the postage on your label may not be adequate to cover the extra weight, and there is a chance that your package may be returned to you, or held up at our local post office with postage due.  If that happens, it will take longer for your payment to be processed as we must make a special trip to the post office to retrieve your package.  When we DO retrieve your package the difference in the cost of postage between the regular postal rates vs. our normal discounted rate will be deducted from your payment total.  If you find you have more boxes you’d like to send AFTER you’ve already received your shipping label, feel free to notify us and we’ll be happy to send you a replacement, or second, shipping label!
  • Shipping containers that are much larger than needed for the number of test strip boxes being sent (and can mean a lot of extra cushioning material to fill up the empty space) will often result in higher postage costs, and if we must pay postage due on such boxes we will deduct that cost from your payment total. While there is certainly some wiggle room, a super-large box to send only a few test strips isn’t a good idea!  Please be sure to use a shipping container that is reasonably right-sized for the number of test strips boxes you are sending, and also double check that you are not sending any test strip boxes that we cannot purchase – unsealed, short dated or expired, or brands/models that are not on our list (see our website for more details).  Remember, we cannot purchase boxes of lancets nor pay for the postage to send them!
  • If any postage due is a result of our having miscalculated the weight of the package originally, naturally there is no charge to you for that.

Also, keep in mind that any test strip boxes that arrive damaged cannot be purchased, so we always recommend that people double check their test strips when packing, and use a box rather than a postal envelope to send them. Damage is defined by having no visible expiration dates, dents, crushing, tears, faded colors, ink marks or scoring from hard-tipped pens, scrapes, worn edges, broken seals, etc. Just a head’s-up for any future shipments!

Please note: if the test strip boxes arrive damaged due to having been shipped in an envelope rather than a cardboard box, they will be discarded. Always use a cardboard box to ship your test strips!

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