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Terms & Conditions

It is important that you are aware of your rights as well as your obligations before you do business with

When you ship your diabetes test strips to you are agreeing to and accepting the following terms and conditions:

  1. I understand I can only sell supplies that are factory sealed and have at least 3 full months until expiration, or meet the minimum expiration date for my brand and model of test strips.
  2.  I am the rightful owner or have been given permission by the rightful owner to sell these supplies to Sell Your Test Strips.
  3.  I understand I cannot sell supplies that have undergone liquid damage, have been tampered with, or have been otherwise altered.
  4.  If supplies do not meet the aforementioned terms I understand they will be donated or discarded on my behalf.
  5.  If supplies meet all of the aforementioned terms and conditions, my payment will be dispersed within 24 hours of receiving my package.
  6.  I understand that if I request a check it will be mailed out within 24 hours of the receipt of my package and typically arrives within 2-5 business days, but may take up to 10 business days depending on mail speed.
  7.  I am responsible for my package during shipping and Sell Your Test Strips is not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged by the U.S. Postal Service.
  8.  I understand that shipping times vary and while most packages are delivered within a week, some packages may take up to 14 days.
  9. will destroy all prescription labels before redistributing my supplies.
  10.  I understand that I cannot sell any test strips that have been paid for by Medicare or Medicaid.
  11.  I agree to transfer all right, title and interest in the supplies to upon the receipt and inspection of the supplies by
  12.  I understand that has not made any representation that the value assigned to the item is equivalent to a fair market value.
  13.  I understand the terms and conditions for this website can change at any time and I will not be notified of these changes. I understand it is my responsibility to read through the Terms and conditions every time I sell my diabetic supplies to Sell Your Test Strips.
  14.  I am at least 18 years old.
  15. I agree that and its affiliates and partners, including but not limited to will not have any liability to you in excess of the final value assigned by for the item. In no event will or its affiliates or partners, including but not limited to, be liable for any indirect, consequential, special or punitive, incidental or exemplary damages, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages, arising out of this agreement.

What To Expect

We want the experience of selling your test strips to us to be smooth, satisfactory, and surprise-free!

Please take a moment to read this information, so you’ll know what to expect and can send your strips with confidence, armed with answers to all your questions.


Full price is paid for test strip boxes in good condition that have at least 12 months left until they expire. Adjusted prices are paid for boxes with shorter dates or are slightly damaged.


Good condition is defined by having visible expiration dates, no dents, crushing, tears, discoloration, ink marks or scoring from hard-tipped pens, worn edges, broken seals, etc. Boxes determined to have such damage may require a price adjustment.

If you have any pharmacy labels on the boxes, don’t try to remove them yourself, or you risk damaging the boxes. If you wish to cover any information on the label, please use a soft tip pen, like a magic marker or a Sharpie. Using a ballpoint pen can damage the box! Be careful to keep the marker from straying onto the box; just cover what you need to on the label.

It’s recommended that you use a box rather than an envelope to mail your strips. Package them with packing peanuts, or stuff the box with plastic bags, paper towels, crumpled newspaper or shredded paper to help ensure they survive the trip!

Note: Test strip boxes with damage to them cannot be purchased. Damage includes denting, gouges, crushing, ink marks, scraping, surface removal, missing expiration date information, broken seals, etc.


It’s true, THE PRICES IN THE PRICE LIST ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. (So it’s always best to check our price list online, or email us at and ask what the current prices are.)


What does that mean?  If the price for your brand of test strips goes down AFTER you have been quoted a price, your quote will be honored at the original, higher price for two weeks after the quote was sent.  Any test strips received after that two week grace period has passed will be subject to the new, lower pricing.

However, if the price for your brand of test strips goes UP after you have been quoted a price, you will always get the new, higher price when your strips are received…even if you were originally quoted a lower amount and didn’t know the prices had gone up!  You will always get the best price for your test strips.


The actual payment per box that you will receive for your test strips is determined by calculating the number of months to the date of expiration FROM THE DAY THE PACKAGE IS ACTUALLY RECEIVED, NOT FROM THE DATE YOU RECEIVED YOUR QUOTE.

How are dates calculated? Dates are calculated by the month and year; if the expiration date includes a day of the month, that is not included the calculation.

Example: Your test strips expire on 1/1/2019.
If the box is received by 1/31/2018 it would be considered 12 months to expiration, and qualifies for full price; if the box is received one day later (2/1/2018) it would be considered 11 months to expiration, and therefore falls into the 9 to 11 month payment category.

If the same box is received on 4/31/18, it will still qualify for the same 9 to 11 month payment category; however, if it is received one day later (5/1/2018) it is now 8 months to expiration, and falls into the next payment category.

The first of each month means your boxes are now one whole month closer to their expiration, and are priced accordingly.

If your package is shipped out near the end of one month, and received after the 1st of the following month, it can potentially affect the price of your strips if it is at one of the 3 month break points in price.
If your test strips have fallen below the minimum number of months to expiration based on the brand and model, we reserve the right NOT to purchase those boxes.


We never purchase expired boxes, boxes with broken seals, or boxes manufactured outside of the U.S.  Boxes marked “For Medicare/Medicaid Use Only” also cannot be purchased. You will recognize these boxes by the red band around the top or bottom of your boxes that has the words “Limited Medicare/Medicaid Beneficiary Use Only”. Also, we do not purchase lancets, meters, glucose solution or any other items besides test strips.


You have 4 choices of how you’d like to be paid: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check, or MoneyGram. Here’s how they work:

  1. PayPal: PayPal is an instant electronic funds transfer service that is free to join – all you need is a debit or credit card, a bank account, or a PayPal Pre-Paid Debit Card. Simply give us your PayPal email login, and we transfer the funds within 24 hours of receiving your package. If you choose to leave the funds in your PayPal account, the money is available to you immediately for online purchases or use with your PayPal Debit Card. If you choose to transfer it to a credit card or bank account, it will be available in 2-3 business days.
  2. Bank Transfer: Please note – you must have an actual checking or savings account for this method of payment.  Pre-paid cards cannot be used for receiving funds.
    • Your account number and routing number are needed in order to send payment via this method, but all information is kept private! If you wish, you may include a voided check in the package with your test strips which will provide the information needed to complete the bank transfer process (note: deposit slips will not have the same numbers, so be sure to use a check!). The advantage of this method of payment is that you don’t risk anything being lost or delayed in the mail, and you never have to make a trip to the bank or pay a fee at the local check cashing store.
  3. Check: A check will be in the mail within 24 hours of receipt of your package, unless your package is received on a Friday or Saturday – then it will be mailed on the next business day. You can cash your check at your bank (no fee), or at any check cashing establishment (they do charge a small fee for this). Funds cannot be sent via Postal Money Order. Note: while it does not happen often, should your check be lost or delayed in the mail, a new check will be issued two weeks after notification that it has been lost.
  4. MoneyGram: We can wire your payment through MoneyGram and it will be available to pick up at any MoneyGram location in your area. There will be a fee taken out of your total payment for MoneyGram transfers, based on the final payment total for your strips. Once your payment has been transferred, we will send you a tracking number you will need to present along with a government issued ID in order to pick up your cash. We will transfer money through MoneyGram Monday through Friday – any packages received on Friday or Saturday will be processed on the following Monday. Please note that your MoneyGram pick-up location may be closed on federal holidays.  You may find a MoneyGram location here.


IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU USE A BOX, RATHER THAN AN ENVELOPE OR CUSHION MAILER.  Even bubble mailers do NOT provide enough protection for the test strips boxes during shipping.  If the test strips arrive crushed, it will reduce the price of your test strips!  Help ensure you get the best price for your strips by using a cardboard box to ship your strips.

While we provide the pre-printed shipping label to affix to your box, you do need to provide your own box. But it doesn’t have to be fancy! Any box you have around that fits your test strips will do fine – even something as simple as a cereal box, a shoebox, or a box you received a gift in. If the cardboard is thin, reinforce your strips by wrapping them in something soft to cushion them. The box you use to mail the strips doesn’t need to be wrapped in plain paper – just put the shipping label on the box and the Post Office will accept it with no problem.

Please use a box that is the best size for the number of test strips you are sending.  A box that is too small can crush the test strips, and one that is too large may cost you extra in postage!  Cushioning your test strips with paper towels, newspaper, bubble wrap, styrofoam shipping peanuts, or shredded paper will help your strips to survive the trip through the Postal Service in good shape.  Use clear shipping tape to seal your package – NOT scotch tape. Be sure to tape your label all the way around the edges to ensure it isn’t torn off in transit, but do not tape over the bar code!


We only offer pre-paid shipping labels; as of 1/1/16 we no longer reimburse for full shipping after the fact.

To make sure you aren’t spending money that you don’t need to, please be aware of the following:

  • If you choose to use Priority Mail or Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes provided by the Post Office, please be aware that while the box is “free,” the services attached to it are not. We do not reimburse for this extra cost.
  • We do not reimburse for optional extras like Insurance, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, or shipping supplies.
  • We do not reimburse the extra fees for using a franchise mail shipping service – these services charge more than regular Post Office fees, as that is how they make their money.  With a pre-paid shipping label you don’t need to go to the Post Office at all; you may leave your package out for your mail carrier to pick up.  If you DO prefer to go to the Post Office, you don’t need to wait in line – simply drop your package in the bin or leave it on the counter – the Post Office staff will make sure it gets to the right place!
  • We create our pre-paid shipping labels based on the weight of the number of boxes you were quoted on. If you send more boxes than you were originally quoted on, the postage on your label may not be adequate to cover the extra weight, and there is a chance that your package may be returned to you, or held up at our local post office with postage due.  If that happens, it will take longer for your payment to be processed as we must make a special trip to the post office to retrieve your package.  When we DO retrieve your package the difference in the cost of postage between the regular postal rates vs. our normal discounted rate will be deducted from your payment total.  If you find you have more boxes you’d like to send AFTER you’ve already received your shipping label, feel free to notify us and we’ll be happy to send you a replacement, or second, shipping label!
  • Shipping containers that are much larger than needed for the number of test strip boxes being sent (and can mean a lot of extra cushioning material to fill up the empty space) will often result in higher postage costs, and if we must pay postage due on such boxes we will deduct that cost from your payment total. While there is certainly some wiggle room, a super-large box to send only a few test strips isn’t a good idea!  Please be sure to use a shipping container that is reasonably right-sized for the number of test strips boxes you are sending, and also double check that you are not sending any test strip boxes that we cannot purchase – unsealed, short dated or expired, or brands/models that are not on our list (see our website for more details).  Remember, we cannot purchase boxes of lancets nor pay for the postage to send them!
  • If any postage due is a result of our having miscalculated the weight of the package originally, naturally there is no charge to you for that. 

Also, keep in mind that any test strip boxes that arrive damaged cannot be purchased, so we always recommend that people double check their test strips when packing, and use a box rather than a postal envelope to send them. Good condition is defined by having visible expiration dates, no dents, crushing, tears, faded colors, ink marks or scoring from hard-tipped pens, scrapes, worn edges, broken seals, etc. Just a head’s-up for any future shipments!


We will honor our quote to you as long as the test strip boxes arrive in good condition and by the specified deadline. If a box has been damaged, that will lower the value of the box. If the damage is such that the boxes are unsellable, they will be discarded. We do reserve the right to amend the quote if the conditions are not met upon inspection of the test strips.