You probably have a lot of questions! Can I really sell my diabetic test strips? Is it legal? How much can I get for them? How complicated is it? Here we list the most commonly asked questions and provide the reassuring answers!

Is it legal to sell my diabetic test strips?
What brand(s) of test strips do you buy?
How many boxes of test strips can I sell?
How soon can I get paid?
How can I trust you to send me the money?
When you quote me a price, is it guaranteed?
Do you ever buy expired test strips?
How do you calculate the length of time to expiration?
Do you purchase any other diabetic products?
Who pays for the shipping?
How do I ship my diabetic test strips?
How can I tell if my diabetic test strips are expired or my seals are broken?
What do you mean by “good condition?”
How do I know what kind of diabetic test strips I have?
What if I decide that I want my diabetic test strips back?
Why your company instead of another?

Is it legal to sell my diabetic test strips?

Yes, if you are the legal owner of them. Anyone can buy unused glucose test strips, even without a prescription, so as long as you bought the test strips yourself, or received them legally through an insurance company, you are free to sell them. Blood glucose test strips can be bought over the counter at places like drug stores, pharmacies, Wal-Mart – and it is 100% legal to resell over the counter products. Even if your boxes are marked “mail order only” or “not for retail” you can still sell them – this just means they can’t be sold through a retailer. Bear in mind that if your boxes were received from Medicare or Medicaid, and are marked as such (they usually have a red band at the bottom with the words “For the Use of Medicare/Medicaid Beneficiaries Only” printed on them) those boxes cannot be resold.

What brand(s) of test strips do you buy?

We purchase most major brands of diabetes test strips. Check our Brands & Prices page for information on what brands we currently buy. When you fill out the Instant Quote form, you will be asked to indicate which brand(s) you have, number of boxes, expiration date(s) etc., so your quote will be very accurate. PLEASE NOTE: We do not purchase any supplies besides test strips. If you’d like to donate your lancets, glucose solution, meters, lancing devices and so on, click here to find places near you that would love to have your extra supplies!

NOTE: We only buy diabetic test strips that have been manufactured in the U.S. You can recognize non-U.S. manufactured test strips by the other languages (in addition to English) printed on the box.

How many boxes of test strips can I sell?

Unlimited! We’ll buy all you have to sell. But be sure you keep enough to use – don’t sell your last box and get caught without when you need to test! We do not have a minimum number of boxes you can send – if all you have is one box, we’re OK with that.

How soon can I get paid?

We know you want your money ASAP. When your package arrives we inspect it (see our Terms & Conditions), and then we implement your requested method of payment within 24 hours for all packages received Monday through Thursday. Packages received on Friday and Saturday will be processed the following Monday.  You have 4 choices of payment, which you will be able to indicate on the Payment Form that you will receive with your shipping label:

  • Bank Transfer: For all packages received on Monday through Thursday, the process of transferring funds is begun within 24 hours of receipt of your package, and upon your confirmation, the money is automatically deposited in your account and available to you in 3 (full) business days (to the banks, a “business day” means Monday through Friday only). If your package is received on a Friday or Saturday, the bank transfer process will be initiated on the following Monday. We will need your bank information (routing number and account number) in order to send payment via this method, but all information is kept private! (NOTE: We cannot load your payment onto a pre-paid debit card – you need to have an actual bank account [either checking or savings] to use this method of payment.)
  • PayPal: PayPal is an instant electronic funds transfer service that is free to join – all you need is a debit or credit card, a bank account, or a PayPal Pre-Paid Debit Card. Simply give us your PayPal email login, and for all packages received on Monday through Thursday we transfer the funds within 24 hours of receipt of your package (packages received on Friday and Saturday will be processed first thing the following Monday). If you choose to leave the funds in your PayPal account, the money is available to you immediately for online purchases or for use with your PayPal Debit Card.  If you choose to transfer it to a credit card or bank account, it will be available in 2-3 business days, depending on your bank.
  • Check:  A check will be mailed either directly from us or from our bank within 24 hours of receipt of your package, unless we receive your package on a Friday or Saturday – then it will be mailed on the following Monday. You can cash your check at your bank (no fee charged), or at any check cashing establishment (they do charge a small fee for this). We cannot send funds via Postal Money Order. (NOTE: In the rare event that a check is lost in the mail, you will be issued a new one once we have received confirmation from the bank that the original check has been voided.)
    Neither we nor our bank have any control over how long it takes the Post Office to deliver your check! We ask that you allow at least 7 business days (Monday – Friday) from the date we inform you your check has been mailed before asking for a new check to be issued.
  • MoneyGram: If you request, we can send your funds via MoneyGram, and they will be available for same-day pick up at any local MoneyGram service station near you. As with the other methods of payment, your MoneyGram payment will be processed within 24 hours for all packages received Monday through Thursday, and on the following Monday if your package is received the previous Friday or Saturday. You will be notified when your cash is ready. Please note that we will deduct the cost of the MoneyGram service fee from your final payment in order to provide this service.  We no longer provide payment via Western Union.

PLEASE NOTE: It bears repeating, as we get asked this a lot! Adding money to a pre-paid debit card is NOT a possibility, unfortunately.

How can I trust you to send me the money?

We are in business to stay in business (and have done so for over 6 years!), and we work honestly and professionally.  Our address, phone number and email are available to you – and it’s a real address, not a P.O. box.  We use the United States Post Office to transact business. As the Post Office is a part of the federal government, when you ship your items using the pre-paid USPS shipping label [with tracking number] that we provide you, it is actually mail fraud if we do not promptly return a payment to you! We work hard to conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity and customer service. We would like you to be satisfied with your experience selling your test strips so that you will use us again and refer others. We can only stay in business if our customers are happy enough to come back, so we strive to do that!

When you quote me a price, is it guaranteed?

The price you are quoted is guaranteed as long as the shipment we receive from you matches what you told us you were shipping. For instance, if you requested a quote on retail model test strips, and we receive mail order model strips instead, the prices will be different. Prices quoted are only guaranteed if the boxes arrive before the calendar has rolled over into a new 3 month price category (please see “How do you calculate the length of time to expiration?” below). If your package is received after the expiration date on your strips has dropped to a different price category, we can still purchase your boxes if they meet the minimum expiration deadline (which varies per brand), the original factory seal is still intact, and the boxes are undamaged. We reserve the right to adjust the price based on the condition of the boxes.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change periodically, and it is always best to check our website or email us directly to find out what the latest prices are! If the payout price has gone up, we will automatically give you the higher price, even if we quoted you a lower price previously. You will always get the best price, even if you didn’t know the prices had gone up since we quoted you! If the payout price has gone down, we will honor all quotes at the original higher price as long as the package is received within one month of the date we gave you the quote. If it is received after that one month grace period has passed, the payment will be at the new, lower price.

Do you ever buy expired test strips?

No, we don’t. People who use these test strips rely on them to be accurate, and as they do (just like medicine) have chemicals that eventually break down, it becomes more difficult to trust the results as time goes by. While some meters can be “re-set” to fool them as to the age of the strips placed in them, it is highly unethical to try selling expired test strips, as people’s lives can depend on the information they receive from testing their blood sugar!

How do you calculate the length of time to expiration?

Dates are calculated from the day we receive the package, not from the day you received your quote. We only consider the expiration month and year in our calculations, not the day of the month, if one is included.

Example: It is printed on your box that the test strips expire on 1/1/2018.
If the box is received by 1/31/2017 it would be considered 12 months to expiration, and qualifies for full price; if the box is received one day later (2/1/2017) it would be considered 11 months to expiration, and therefore falls into the 9 to 11 month payment category.
If the same box is received on 4/31/17, it will still qualify for the same 9 to 11 month payment category; however, if it is received one day later (5/1/2017) it is now 8 months to expiration, and falls into the next payment category.

The first of each month means your boxes are now one whole month closer to their expiration, and are priced accordingly. If your package is shipped out near the end of one month, and received after the 1st of the following month, it can potentially affect the price of your strips if it is at one of the 3 month break points in price.

If your test strips have fallen below the minimum number of months to expiration for us to purchase by the time we receive them (this varies per brand – please see our Brands & Prices page for more info), we reserve the right NOT to purchase those boxes.

Do you purchase any other diabetic products?

Nope, just diabetic test strips. If you have other diabetic supplies such as lancets, meters, glucose solution, etc., and are interested in donating these extra supplies, click here to see our page on How to Donate!

Who pays for the shipping?

We do! Here’s how it works:

When you finish filling out our Instant Quote form, you will be immediately taken to another form that allows you to provide us with your shipping information, and lets you tell us whether you want us to email your pre-paid shipping label for you to print out yourself, or if you would prefer that we print out a label and mail it to you. Once you have your pre-paid shipping label, just affix it to your shipping box and leave it out for your mail carrier to pick up, or drop it off at the Post Office. No need to stand in line, as the postage will all be paid for and tracking information is included free. Done!

Be sure to have a copy of the payment form inside your box, so we know how you prefer to be paid for your strips!


We know the weight of each brand and model, so we round up and then add an additional few ounces to the total pre-paid postage on your label to cover the weight of the shipping container. The final weight for your package is nearly always in this ballpark when the box you use is right-sized for the number of test strip boxes you were quoted for, and the Post Office has no trouble delivering it.  However, if your package should be held up at the Post Office with postage due fees, the following applies:

  1. We miscalculated the postage.
    If this is the case, we will pay the postage due fees.
  2. More test strip boxes were included in the shipping container than originally quoted for.
    If this is the case, the extra weight will be calculated at our cost – and as we receive discounted shipping prices, this means that the postage due will always be more than what we can reimburse for. If you find you have extra boxes you’d like to send, they’re very welcome, of course! However, we ask that you request a new shipping label, which we will be happy to send out.
  3. Items that we cannot purchase were included in the shipping container, the shipping container is a Priority Mail box from the Post Office (resulting in extra charges for the services attached to those boxes), or the shipping container itself is too large for the number of test strips boxes being sent, resulting in a much heavier container.
    If this is the case, we will deduct the postage due fees from your total.

Unlike other companies, we are able to reimburse the shipping for as few as one box of test strips by sending you a pre-paid shipping label based on weight rather than a Postal Priority Mail flat rate box that has a high minimum cost for shipping, which would force us to require that you send no less than 5 boxes of test strips at a time. This way, we pay the shipping only on exactly what we receive, and you are free to send as many or as few test strips boxes as you would like. This method also offers you the convenience of getting your shipping label immediately via email, rather than waiting days for a shipping kit to arrive in the mail.



Having your shipping pre-paid is the quickest and handiest way to send us your glucose test strips! Below is important information about our shipping reimbursement guidelines.

To make sure you aren’t spending money that you don’t need to, please be aware of the following:

  • If you choose to use Priority Mail or Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes provided by the Post Office, please be aware that while the box is “free,” the services attached to it are not. We do not reimburse for this extra cost.
  • We do not reimburse for optional extras like Insurance, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, or shipping supplies.
  • We do not reimburse the extra fees for using a franchise mail shipping service – these services charge more than regular Post Office fees, as that is how they make their money.  With a pre-paid shipping label you don’t need to go to the Post Office at all; you may leave your package out for your mail carrier to pick up.  If you DO prefer to go to the Post Office, you don’t need to wait in line – simply drop your package in the bin or leave it on the counter – the Post Office staff will make sure it gets to the right place!
  • We create our pre-paid shipping labels based on the weight of the number of boxes you were quoted on.
    • If you send more boxes than you were originally quoted on, the postage on your label may not be adequate to cover the extra weight, and there is a chance that your package may be returned to you, or held up at our local post office with postage due.  If that happens, it will take longer for your payment to be processed as we must make a special trip to the post office to retrieve your package.  When we DO retrieve your package the difference in the cost of postage between the regular postal rates vs. our normal discounted rate will be deducted from your payment total.  If you find you have more boxes you’d like to send AFTER you’ve already received your shipping label, feel free to notify us and we’ll be happy to send you a replacement, or second, shipping label!
    • If you send less boxes than you were originally quoted on, the extra postage we paid to send boxes we didn’t receive will be deducted from your final total. If you find that the number of boxes you are sending differs from your original quote request, please contact us to get a new label sent to you!
  • Shipping containers that are much larger than needed for the number of test strip boxes being sent (and can mean a lot of extra cushioning material to fill up the empty space) will often result in higher postage costs, and if we must pay postage due on such boxes we will deduct that cost from your payment total. While there is certainly some wiggle room, a super-large box to send only a few test strips isn’t a good idea!  Please be sure to use a shipping container that is reasonably right-sized for the number of test strips boxes you are sending, and also double check that you are not sending any test strip boxes that we cannot purchase – unsealed, short dated or expired, or brands/models that are not on our list (see our website for more details).  Remember, we cannot purchase boxes of lancets nor pay for the postage to send them!
  • If any postage due is a result of our having miscalculated the weight of the package originally, naturally there is no charge to you for that.

Also, keep in mind that any test strip boxes that arrive damaged can result in a price adjustment, so we always recommend that people double check their test strips when packing, and use a box rather than a postal envelope to send them. Good condition is defined by having visible expiration dates, no dents, crushing, tears, faded colors, ink marks or scoring from hard-tipped pens, scrapes, worn edges, broken seals, etc. Just a head’s-up for any future shipments!

CLICK HERE to print out a copy of our payment form. We will use this to determine your preferred method of payment.

How do I ship my diabetic test strips?

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU USE A BOX, RATHER THAN AN ENVELOPE OR CUSHION MAILER. If the test strips arrive crushed, it will reduce the price we can pay!

  • Please use a box that is the best size for the number of glucose test strips you are sending.  A box that is too small can crush the test strips, and one that is too large may cause the test strip boxes to be damaged if they aren’t properly cushioned, and may also affect the postage costs!  If you don’t have a regular brown cardboard box handy, any cardboard box can be used, if it is reasonably sturdy.
  • Cushioning your test strips with paper towels, newspaper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam shipping peanuts, plastic bags or shredded paper will help your test strips to survive the trip through the postal service in good shape.
  • Use clear shipping tape to seal your package. Do NOT use scotch tape, as that will peel off the box before it arrives. Also, please note that it is not necessary to “mummify” your boxes with tape! A single strip of tape over the open edges of the box flaps is perfectly sufficient to ensure your box will still be intact when it arrives.
  • The Post Office prefers that no tape cover the bar code on the shipping label, to make it easier for them to scan it.
  • If you are printing your own label, please be sure that it is big enough for the bar code to be scannable! It is OK to fold your label over the edge of the box – just don’t fold it across the bar code.
  • Please make a note of the tracking number provided, so you can be aware of what is happening with your package as it goes through the Postal system. We do not know if your package has been received until we begin to process it for payment (and we contact you at that point), so this is the best way to know what’s going on with your package in the meantime.

As we do need your contact information, we have provided a handy payment form for you to use! CLICK HERE to print it out.

If you do not have a pre-paid shipping label (you are planning to pay for the shipping yourself):

If you are sending the package without a pre-paid shipping label, be sure to address the box as follows:

Sell Your Test Strips
2 Shady Creek Lane
Leicester, NC 28748

Include a note in the box telling us your name, address, phone and email, and let us know which method of payment you prefer: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check or MoneyGram. If you want the check made out to someone other than yourself, please provide that name. If you want to be paid via PayPal, please provide us with your PayPal login email. If you are requesting a Bank Transfer, and the amount is less than $100, you may provide us with any email address you are sure to check; if the amount is over $100, or you simply wish us to deal with the bank transfer process ourselves, we will need the routing and account numbers for the checking or savings account you wish us to transfer the money into. If you like, you can enclose a voided check (not a deposit slip) which will give us the routing and account numbers we need to process the transfer. We cannot load money onto pre-paid cards, sorry!

How can I tell if my diabetic test strips are expired or my seals are broken?

Most diabetic test strips have an expiration date printed on the box by the manufacturer and are factory sealed, so that you cannot open the box from either end without either tearing the cardboard or separating the affixed seal. The location of the expiration date varies from brand to brand, but will be found on the outside of the box somewhere. Test strips that have expired and/or have broken seals are not acceptable and will be discarded. Remember, the “true” expiration date on your box of test strips will be printed right on the box; it is not the date you may find printed on a pharmacy label, which is something else entirely!

What do you mean by “good condition?”


In order to get full price for your glucose test strips, the box must be sealed and in good condition. By “good condition” we mean there must be no damage of any sort on the box. Damage can be dents, scrapes, tears, creases, stains, ink marks, cuts (such as from a box cutter), gouges, scoring from the pressure of a hard tipped pen, discoloration, etc. Any box that is damaged, has an expiration date that has been torn off or is unreadable, or has broken seals, cannot be purchased.

You can help ensure your boxes arrive in good shape by shipping them in a cardboard box, rather than an envelope, and leaving the pharmacy labels on for us to remove without risking damage to the outside of the box. If you wish to obscure your information on an attached label, please use a soft-tipped pen like a magic marker or Sharpie, rather than a hard-tipped pen like a ball point, to avoid scoring the surface of the box beneath the label.


How do I know what kind of diabetic test strips I have?

All boxes of glucose test strips have a manufacturer’s name and brand name on the box. If the brand name or item number is not visible on the front it can usually be found on the bottom or on the side of the test strips. The expiration date will always be on the outside of the box as well. Don’t rely on the “discard by” date on the pharmacy label (if there is one); all boxes have an expiration date that was printed directly on the box by the manufacturer, and that is the expiration date that we use. Please note that we only purchase test strips that are manufactured in the U.S. Boxes that have been manufactured outside of the U.S. can be recognized by the fact that they will have another language besides English on the box.


Prices differ based on whether your test strips are “retail” or “mail order” boxes. As this difference varies between brands, please have a look at the pictures provided on our Brands & Prices page to determine which ones you actually have.

What if I decide that I want my diabetic test strips back?

There is a twenty dollar ($20) fee for returning your test strips. If any of the boxes arrive having been damaged by shipping, and you prefer that we return them for your personal use rather than discard them, we can waive the $20 fee and send them back in lieu of reimbursement for your original shipping costs (as well as the cost to ship them back), to cover our own time and cost of shipping.

Why your company instead of another?

We understand that making your experience with us a pleasant one is vital to your satisfaction and our continued relationship. So not only do we offer the best prices in the business, we are also available by phone 6 days a week, and return calls promptly in the rare instance when you are not able to get through the first time. We check emails and respond 7 days a week. We contact you the day payment for your diabetic test strips is being processed as a courtesy to let you know your package has been received, even though tracking is provided, so you know you can expect your payment soon. We will work with you to find the best solution for any supplies you have that we cannot purchase, but you don’t want to simply throw away.

Unlike many other companies, we guarantee your payment will be sent out within 24 hours of receipt of your package (except for Friday and Saturday deliveries, which are processed the following Monday).  We understand that you are in a hurry to get paid, and make fast payment our #1 priority. We also accept shipments as small as a single box, unlike others who require a minimum of 5 boxes per shipment. Boxes with pharmacy labels, slightly damaged test strip boxes, and short-dated boxes are all accepted (usually with a price adjustment for those last two circumstances), whereas some companies will not accept these boxes at all. We are happy to have you as our customer, and want to make you happy you trusted your business to us!

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at help@sellyourteststrips.com,  or send us a message through our Contact Page!

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