If you’ve been asking yourself, “Can I sell my test strips?” or “Why sell unused boxes of blood glucose test strips?” – then we’re here to answer those questions.

Millions of Americans are suffering from diabetes. Unfortunately, not all of them have the income or insurance to cover the cost of their necessary supplies. By selling your unused boxes of diabetic test strips, you make it possible for them to afford the materials they need, and you get paid for doing it! That way, everybody wins.

Do you have diabetic test strips that you no longer need? People can have extra test strips for any number of reasons: perhaps you’ve changed the brand you use, have switched machines, are no longer diabetic, have decreased the need to test your blood as frequently as you once did, or have a loved one who has passed away.

Whatever your reasons for having more glucose test strips than you can use, you no longer need to simply let them expire and go to waste. You CAN sell your test strips, and when you do, you will be providing a great service to those who get their strips from us. So don’t just throw them away; that’s like throwing away cash money! We’ve been buyers of unused boxes of blood glucose test strips for many years, and we know that selling your strips not only helps you, it helps those who can’t pay the high retail prices for the diabetic supplies they need.