STOP THROWING AWAY UNUSED BLOOD GLUCOSE TEST STRIPS! You can sell your test strips, and the money we pay for your diabetic strips not only gives you extra cash, but provides others with the diabetic supplies they need at a cost they can afford – often for free.

Most people don’t realize that they can sell their unused boxes of blood glucose test strips, and simply end up tossing them in the trash when they’ve reached their expiration date.* That’s basically just THROWING CASH IN THE TRASH. As buyers for diabetic test strips, we’ll not only pay you money for your strips, we’ll even pay up front for the shipping!

So get money for your diabetic test strips, and help others while you help yourself. Contact us today and have a little extra cash tomorrow!

*We do not purchase expired diabetic test strips. We pay full price for boxes that have at least 12 months left until they expire, with adjusted prices for shorter dates.

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